WellSpring Counseling Center
Founded by David E. Oeschger, Ph.D. 1949–2006

WellSpring Counseling Center began providing psychological and counseling services in Green Township, Ohio (now incorporated as the City of Green in Summit County) in November, 1983. Originally known as “David E. Oeschger, Ph.D., and Associates,” the practice was founded by Dr. Dave Oeschger with a commitment to integrate a professional standard of mental health care with biblical principles. In 1995, the practice was formally renamed “WellSpring Counseling Center” to reflect the expansion of our clinical team, including psychologists and Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors. In August, 2001, WellSpring re-located from its 18-year location in the Akron/Canton Corporate Park to our current suite in the Town Park Professional Center.

After Dave Oeschger passed away in 2006, Dr. Peggy Oeschger assumed the role of Director to maintain continuity of our private practice structure and services. We have also maintained continuity with dedicated, long-term clinical and administrative staff members whose shared goal is to demonstrate integrity, ethical practice, competence, and compassion in all of our work.

In our society, the term “Christian” has become an ambiguous concept. Since our staff at WellSpring Counseling Center is comprised of Christian professionals, we believe it is incumbent upon us to clarify what this means for the benefit of those we serve. By Christian professional we mean the following:

  1. Each clinical staff member has entered into a right relationship with God through faith in the Savior, Jesus Christ.
  2. Each clinical person on our staff strives to conform his/her life to principles outlined in God’s Word.
  3. We believe it is important for each member of our staff to live by a higher moral standard, thereby modeling the values consistent with living a successful life as outlined in the Bible.
  4. We believe that all truth is God’s truth, and therefore, believe that truth discovered through the scientific study of behavior enhances our understanding of revealed truth (the Bible), and is regarded as perfectly consistent with it.

We do not make it our practice to challenge our clients relative to doctrinal differences that exist within the Christian community, nor do we make it our practice to preach to our clients. While we are prepared to address our clients’ spiritual concerns, we encourage them to seek help from their pastors when their problems are confined solely to the spiritual realm. We feel that we can complement the ministries of local churches by helping individuals who manifest problems in living that involve emotional/ psychological issues as well as spiritual issues.